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Bliss 2021 is a sci-fi movie, the name of a science fiction movie made in 2021. in the United States in the English language in the United States, directed by Mike Cahill, and officially released on February 5, 2021.
The screenplay was written by a well-known and well-known writer named Mike Cahill, who also directed the film. Owen Wilson, Selma Hayek also Nesta Cooper are some of the famous. Proven actors who have played roles in this movie too. The duration of this film is one hour and forty-three minutes, which is in the category of long films. This scary film, which is in the social, sad and science fiction genres, managed to rank fifth and second on the prestigious AMDB site.

The Bliss 2021 film depicts a boring love story. The story is about a man named Greg who is fired after he divorces his wife. He soon meets a mysterious woman named Isabel who lives on the street. Very soon becomes convinced that the broken and broken world around them is a computer simulation. A boring love story follows Greg, who after a while divorced and then fired, meets the mysterious Isabel, a woman who lives on the street. She is convinced that the broken and broken world around them is a computer simulation. .

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Director:  Mike Cahill
Country: USA
Language:  English

Story of Bliss 2021

The story is about a professional painter who is facing the worst period of his professional life. It turns to everything including “drugs” and “murder” to complete his masterpiece. A psyche bowing romantic tale following Greg who, after as of late being separated and afterward terminated. He meets the secretive Isabel, a lady living in the city. He persuaded that the contaminated, broken world around them is a PC recreation. The sex therapist, Spalding Gray, is very successful. Beautiful women are in line to meet him. He seduces his customers and they are all very happy about it. He has a secret method that …

Bliss 2021 movie

The main actors of this movie are : Craig Sheffer, Sheryl Lee, Terence Stamp, Casey Siemaszko, Spalding Gray

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