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Malcolm and Marie 2021 is one of the latest dramatic and romantic works of the Netflix streaming service. This film made by a talented producer, writer and director named Sam Levinson. Among the works of this artist for Assassination Nation, Wizard of Lies, Another Happy Day, Operation: Endgame and so on. In Malcolm and Marie, there are only two talented actors, Zendaya as Marie Jones and John David Washington as Malcolm Elliott. Malcolm & Marie 2021 film premiered digitally on Netflix Stream on February 5th. Already on January 29 (February 10) there are restrictions on a series of special cinemas to show income.

So far, this drama has received a score of 53 out of 42 film and series reviews on the Metacritic site. The screenplay was written by Sam Levinson himself. Kevin Thorne, Ashley Levinson, Sam Levinson himself, Zendaya and John David Washington have also been involved in the production. The film generally has a variety of paintings, most of which are in the middle and upper part. Most of the critics who watch this film describe the performance of the actors very simply and cleanly too. also love Levinson’s directing style. But their main problem was the script written for this work, which caused a lot of criticism around it. On the other hand, the site of 166 critics of Raton Tomitoz. Who have watched this drama, has applied different opinions about it and has registered a total score of 59 for registration.

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Director:  Sam Levinson
Country: USA
Language:  English

Story of Malcolm & Marie 2021 movie

Since Malcolm & Marie has been on Netflix Streaming for some time, reputable and popular international film. And series review sites have published their reviews and ratings for the film. The following is an overview of the critics’ response to Malcolm & Marie 2021 movie; But before that, you can also read the summary of the story of this released film:

A filmmaker (played by John David Washington) returns home with his fiancé (played by Zendaya) after celebrating the premiere of a film; He expects the film to be a huge success, both in terms of critics and sales. But it does not take long for that day to turn into a big turn; Because little by little, issues related to the relationship they have with each other are revealed; Issues that test the power of their love. In Malcolm and Marie 2021 romantic drama film, a filmmaker (Washington) and his girlfriend (Zandia) return home from the red carpet of a film, while expecting the film to be financially successful and to be critically acclaimed. This night suddenly changes for them when secrets about their relationship begin to unfold and the power of their love is tested.

Malcolm & Marie 2021
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Genre: DramaRomance

Duration: 106 min

IMDb: 6.6