Onward 2020

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Pixar’s new animation takes place in a fantasy city; Where the two A brothers are looking for an old magic that allows them to spend a day with their dead father.

Onward 2020 is a completely new animation from Pixar , and it has attracted a lot of attention due to the fact that the studio has focused more on building sequels to its previous works in recent years (with the exception of Coco in 2017).

The story of Onward 2020:

Onward 2020 animation is about of two A-brothers named Jan and Barney follows in the fantasy suburbs of the world as they embark on an extraordinary adventure to find out if there is still some magic in this world.

Director:  Dan Scanlon

Country: USA

Language: English

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Views: 15

Genre: AdventureAnimationComedyFamilyFantasy

Duration: 102 min

IMDb: 7.4