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Minions: The Rise of Gru 2021 ; Official Trailer, Review And Rental Link

Ten years after the release of the first issue of the Despicable Me series, and after the release of two sequels and a spin-off for it.

now it’s time for the second exclusive movie of “Minions” called Minions 2: The Rise of Gru. We have to see how the adventures of the first film continue in this episode.

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Minions: The Rise of Gru 2021 – Official Trailer

Currently, only one trailer of the Minions 2 movie has been officially released.

Everything we know about the Minions: The Rise of Gru 2021

Some time ago, due to the widespread outbreak of the Corona virus in France and the critical situation in this country, the animation studio Enlightenment Entertainment announced the closure of its studio in Paris.

which delayed the release of the animation Minions: The Rise of Gru. Pawn) for an indefinite period of time. In the latest movie and TV news, Universal Pictures has announced the delay of some of its works.

Initially, Universal confirmed the new release date for the Minions animated series, according to which the cinematic animation, which was previously scheduled to be released on July 3, 2020, is now scheduled to hit theaters on July 2, 2021, with a one-year delay. Earlier, the Sing 2 animation was scheduled to be released on this date.

Story of Minions 2 : The Rise of Gru 2021

The story of the Minions 2 animation continues right after the adventures of the first part. Grove, 12, is a fan of Vicious 6, one of the world’s worst villains.

Garou also wishes to be a member of this group. When Vicious 6 leader Wild Knuckles is fired, Young Grove decides to take a job interview and test his chances of joining Vicious 6.

Grove does not succeed in the interview and therefore decides to steal one of Vicious 6’s valuables and escape. He soon realizes that this object is very important to the group, so they quickly set to take it back.

Grove then goes to Wilde Knuckles to answer his questions as well as for guidance. More details about the story of the Minions 2 animation should be seen after its release and in the film itself.


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