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Monster Hunter ; Official Trailer, Review And Rental Link

Paul W. S. Anderson is a writer and director whose work is deeply connected to video games. Over the past 25 years, he has made film versions of games such as Mortal Kombat,

Dead or Alive, and most importantly, Resident Evil. Now he is once again working with Resident Evil actor Mila Jovic, who is also his wife, to bring one of Capcom’s most popular franchises, Monster Hunter, to the silver screen.

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Monster Hunter – Official Trailer

Some time ago, the first teaser trailer for Monster Hunter was released, and fans of the popular Capcom game series reacted differently to the teaser.
Now, in the latest cinema and television news, a new trailer of this action and science fiction film has been released. In this trailer, we see the character of Artemis, the leader of a team of UN forces and his group caught in a storm and find themselves in a world full of monsters, and then they have to fight the monsters to defeat them and return to their world. learn.
You can watch this trailer below:

Everything we know about the Monster Hunter movie

Monster Hunter is set to tell the story of two characters from different worlds who must work together to fight monsters and survive. Paul W. S. Anderson, who has directed films such as Mortal Kombat and the Resident Evil series, has directed and written the screenplay for the film adaptation of the series. Mila Jovic, Tony Jae, TI, Ron Perlman, Diego Bonta, Megan Goode, Josh Hellman and Emsey Jane are among the actors who have appeared in Monster Hunter. Anderson and Jovic have previously collaborated on the Resident Evil series.

Monster Hunter is scheduled for release on December 30.


  • Milla Jovovich
  • Tony Jaa
  • T.I.
  • Meagan Good
  • Diego Boneta
  • Josh Helman
  • Jin Au-Yeung
  • Ron Perlman
  • Jannik Schümann
  • Hirona Yamazaki
  • Nic Rasenti
  • Nanda Costa
  • Aaron Beelner
  • Schelaine Bennett
  • Adrián Muñoz

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