Soul 2020

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All thing about Soul 2020

Pixar can be considered a “home of geniuses” and Pete Doctor is definitely one of the studio’s most important geniuses; The man who made Monster High (UP) and the title Inside Out and has created a very brilliant record in this studio.

Soul 2020 animation is his latest work that deals with the issue of death, life and our world as human beings; A subject that we hear so clearly in less animation. But how did Soul demonstrate these concepts, and what was the end result? Stay tuned to 123gomovies for a Soul animation review.

Story of Soul 2020 animation:

Joe Gardner (voiced by Jimmy Fox) is a music teacher at a regular school, and although he seems satisfied with his job, he has a bigger dream: to be able to play in a good band one day and spend the night with them.

The middle-aged single man, however, has not had any luck with him to this day, and his mother insists that he get a job with a fixed salary and insurance so that his life can go well and…

Director: Pete Docter, Kemp Powers (co-director)

Country: USA

Language:  English

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Views: 22

Genre: AdventureAnimationComedyFamilyFantasyMusical

Duration: 100 min

IMDb: 7.8