The Little Things 2021

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All thing about The Little Things 2021

The movie Little Things premiered in US cinemas on January 29, 2021. In addition, the creators planned to show the film to subscribers on the same date, January 29, for one month on the HBV Max streaming service. So far, this terrifying work has received a score of 55 out of 40 film and series reviews on the Metacritic site.

The screenplay was written by John Lee Hancock himself. John Lee Hancock and Mark Johnson were again involved in the production of this work. The film received a wide range of reviews, most of which were in the middle and top sections.

Most of the critics who watched this film liked and admired the performance of the actors, the style of directing as well as the atmosphere. But this was while they pointed out the criticism of the script and criticized it; Many of these critics compared the film to the story of Seven.

On the other hand, 147 critics of Raton Tomitoz, who watched this terrifying work, had different opinions about it and scored an overall score of 49%.

Story of The Little Things 2021 movie

The Little Things 2021 is Joe Dicken, a Corn County sheriff who travels to Los Angeles to gather evidence in a murder case, but soon begins to find a serial killer who has caused panic among the townspeople.

Director: John Lee Hancock

Country: USA 

Language:  English

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Views: 12

Genre: CrimeDramaThriller

Duration: 127 min