Uncle Frank 2020

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Lovely film!

Peter Macdissi is absolutely charming as Walid who beautifully plays the soulmate of Paul Bettany’s Frank — loving him, caring for him, encouraging him to speak to his family about who he is etc.

Bettany is powerful as Frank a man running away from his past and family while at the same time yearning to be embraced by them. Sophia Lillis is perfect as Beth — Frank’s niece who is growing up and learning harsh truths about the world and family. She’s never too knowing but she is always aware.

My only criticism of the film is the sound recording. I and another person with whom I watched this film at times found the sound to be too low and we found it to be that way on three different televisions so it wasn’t the TVs it was the sound on the film.

Story of The Uncle Frank 2020 movie

The Uncle Frank 2020 film takes place in 1973, and Beth Baladso leaves a remote South American city to study at New York University, where her dear Uncle Frank is a professor of literature. Return home and…

Director:  Alan Ball

Country: USA

Language:  English | Arabic

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Views: 33

Genre: ComedyDrama

Duration: 95 min

IMDb: 7.2