Willy’s Wonderland 2021

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The Willy’s Wonderland 2021 is Nicholas Cage’s next film. Which according to the information available is a complete imitation of Five Nights at Freddy’s. In 2015, we saw the introduction of Five Nights at Freddy, but so far this film has not entered the production stage. Scott Cawthon, the creator of the work, said in 2018 that finding the right script was hard work. He had a complete script but dropped it because of the low quality. He announced last year that he would finally find the right script and filming would begin in 2021. While Scott Caton obsessively made his film, Nicholas Cage set to work, and Willy’s Wonderland 2021 is a complete copy of Five Nights at Freddy.

In Willy’s Wonderland, Cage is a janitor who is about to clean a fast food restaurant in exchange for repairing his car. A restaurant empty of people and curses, of which Nick is the next victim. However, he has something to do and nothing and no one can stop him. You can watch the trailer for the movie below, but know that Nicholas Cage is not talking about it. Willy’s Wonderland introduced in 2019 and so far no one has paid attention to it. Deadline described the film as follows: Cage plays a caretaker and has to spend the night in an amusement park, where it becomes a living nightmare. As the animatronic monsters come to life, Cage has to fight these monsters to survive until morning and get out of the park.

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Director:  Kevin Lewis
Country: USA
Language:  English

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“Nick plays a security guard who gets stuck in an amusement park with Willie, an animator,” says director Kevin Lewis. There are eight beasts that come to life and attack him and others. Nick must fight and find a way out. “Man is a battle against a machine!” Lewis says the film is a tribute to the films he saw as a child: “Willie Wonderland” is like an imitation of 80’s films. I grew up in the horror and action genres with “Sam Remy” and “The Evil Dead” and other films of the 80’s. One of my producer friends introduced me to this project and we both fell in love with it. “We started working on it and brought in Nick. He also fell in love with the project, however he realized our artistic purpose and continued to develop.”

free download and watch Willys Wonderland 2021

The director says that the filming of this project ended just before the pandemic: “It was unbelievable. Filming was over, I come home and we were in quarantine after two weeks. “I could not believe it.” The filmmaker explains why the film was renamed “Wally Wonderland” to “Wiley Wonderland”: “Maybe [because of its resemblance to] Wally’s World.” We thought Willie was better. “Nick liked Willie more, so we chose Willie.” This description of the film and the history of Nicholas Cage in the last few years shows. We are again on the side of a low quality film like Jiu Jitsu. Now his latest film is an imitation of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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