Wonder Woman 1984

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All thing about Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984; It is a superhero film directed by Patti Jenkins. After the first part of this series, we go very quickly to the 1980s. Wonder Woman’s great new cinematic adventure puts him in front of two completely new enemies; These two enemies are none other than Maxwell Lord and Cheetah.

Story of Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 takes its audience to be us to 1984; The year Wonder Woman is set to face enemies like Max Lord and Cheetah.

Patti Jenkins once tried her luck in 2017 with Wonder Woman’s first film, but this time, in the second film of Wonder Woman, her new formulations did not come to fruition and we came across a work that has nothing powerful in its pocket. Patty Jenkiz, in the role of a butcher, seems to describe all the limbs and organs of the film.

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The director, who has to be a weaver in superhero films and patiently weaves up a series of events in the form of a coherent story with a compelling visual identity, has become a ruthless butcher who, unfortunately, no longer even has his ideology and line of thought. Nor did it save the 1984 film The Wonder Woman.

Director: Patty Jenkins

Country: USA | UK | Spain

Language:  English

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Genre: ActionAdventureFantasy

Duration: 151 min